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The new independent music app that lets you discover and do everything music! Artists upload your music and become discovered by 1000's of music fans worldwide! Listeners, listen to unlimited music ad free for life and discover new and existing Artist's around you!

Artists, Next Hyype automatically grows your fanbase daily for you!

Features of our platform:
-Sell your music
-Market your brand
-Grow your fanbase
-Network with other artists
-Directly connect with fans
-Create and manage your own gigs and events
-Hear the latest and trending songs in your area, and worldwide

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Discover Music

Discovering the next big artist, band, dj, or producer has never been easier!

Next Hyype's platform works through artists upload their music and tag them with genre hashtags.

Listeners then select their favorite music genres, and Next Hyype does the rest! Delivering you only the music you love!

Our location based system also allows you to discover new and existing artist's and trending songs around you!

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Have an event?

Next Hyype's revolutionary platform makes events more engaging and fun!

Create and tag the event with music genres that will be preformed at the event. Next Hyype will market the event directly to those who listen to that genre of music!

Our platform lets you search for events based on you location too!

Never miss a underground rave, house party, or festival again!